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We offer an affordable online remote computer repair service & support since 1999. Our expert, friendly technicians LogOn remotely to you PC or Mac remove Viruses, Malware, Strange Pop Ups and repair slow starts, blue screen errors and any other computer problems you may have. And all this while you watch and without leaving the comfort of your home. So before you pack your PC or Laptop and drive it down to a local shop for 4 or 5 days give us a try. 9 times out of 10 we can fix it remotely! Plus our work is 100% Guaranteed! "If We Cant Fix It - You Don't Pay". Get Help Now with a Free Diagnostic Evaluation! Some fixes are simple and we have been known to fix a simple fix during the diagnosis with no cost! Compare our reviews with the competition before allowing anyone on your machine.  We pride ourselves on ethics, friendliness and 100% customer satisfaction as you can see in our online reviews.

Online computer repair for all makes and models: Windows, Mac, Chrome book, Desktops and Laptop PC's. Find out why we're the best!
We configure wireless networks, printers and more. Self help is fun, but way too time consuming, and don't you have something better you could be doing? We also recover lost data from your Hard Drive, emails from Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc. Also Experts at Gmail conversions and Google Drive Setups. We realize how important your time is and when Microsoft Outlook keeps you from getting your work done we have experts to go in and repair your Outlook inbox issues quickly, recovery lost data and get you back in business fast. And all of this is handled remotely (while you watch, or go to lunch :)

"If we can't get your PC surfing with Ease, you pay No Fees!"
Our work is 100% Guaranteed! If for any reason you feel you are not 100% satisfied with our work, contact us immediately at 877 405 3059 and we will work diligently to find out why and address your specific concerns or issues promptly...

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LogOnFixIt Com Inc Remote Computer Repair

Pricing? It is impossible to quote an accurate price without first diagnosing the issue(s). Any company's site that quotes a guaranteed flat rate can be misleading and and may lead to a frustrating experience and/or an incomplete repair. That's why we offer a no hassle, no obligation Free Diagnostic Evaluation that enables us to quote you a guaranteed solution and if its something simple we'll fix it for free. Also "If we can't fix it, you don't pay!" We are seriously committed to your satisfaction.

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Google Suites for Work

Get the most out of your business with Google Suites for work

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Get a Free No Hassle, No Obligation Diagnostic Evaluation

Get a free No obligation, No Credit Card, No Hassle Diagnosis

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877 405 3059 | 24/7 | Carlsbad, California USA

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Remote Online Computer Repair
If We Cant Fix It - You Don't Pay!
    • Does your computer freeze up, pop ups, errors, run slow?
    • Can't Close anti virus pop ups with phone numbers to call?
    • Takes forever to load a page? Programs acting sluggish?
    • Hi-jacked search results? Windows 10 Update Issues?

    Repair slow running computers better than new!
    Remove Viruses, Spyware (including XP, Vista, Window 7, 8 and 8.1 Antivirus 2008 thru 2017)
    Conficker, Syskey lockout due to scammers,
    Logon Errors, Printers, Hardware Driver Configuration
    and Much More
    Professional Computer Evaluation and Repair Remotely
    We log on and fix it while you watch. If we cant fix it NO CHARGE!
    Free Evaluation
    , click below enter your phone and we'll call you immediately 24/7
    Network Configuration
    any kind including wireless
    The Most Secure Socket Connection in the World .


    You can search the Internet till eyeballs fall out?
    Or have a professional Log On and Fix It
    No geeky strangers coming to your house!
    We know how to remove computer viruses!
    Our technicians fix your computer now! while you watch!

"If we can't get your PC surfing with Ease you pay No Fees!"
We remotely scan a computer for viruses
Is your PC is running slowly and you're not sure why? we'll diagnose it within seconds.

When you ask any of the questions or experience any issues below:

LogOnFixIt.Com™ Can Help

Why does my computer slow down, and then freeze or takes a long time to start ?
Why do I have pop ups claiming to be Microsoft saying "WARNING your computer is infected do not close this window call this number" or asking me to purchase anti virus software ?
Why does my Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows 8 or Windows10 slow down ?
Why cant I access other computers on my network ?
Why does my computer run slow after installing a program?
Why cant I install my wireless printer or other wireless devices?
Why do I get system error message pop up?
Where can I find cheap remote computer repair?

You need anti virus solutions with a special LogOnFixIt.Com™ configuration

Your PC is running slowly and you're not sure why, we'll diagnose it within seconds.
Your computer crashes or takes a long time to start
Your Outlook Inbox Repair and all other Outlook features and Options, Scan PST etc?

Remote Diagnostic Evaluation Call 877.405.3059

Perform a full system scan to evaluate issues affecting performance
Fine-tune key areas to improve speed and stability
Assess and ensure comprehensive protection and security
Recommend steps to ensure top performance and security for identity protection
Configure networks, printers, scanners and much more
Provide assistance with all major programs and software Microsoft power point, excel, outlook, word etc.
Adobe, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premier pro etc.

Additional Services Offered

Computer Hardware Repair - Data Recovery and Removal - Physical Virus Removal
We remove your important data from a damaged systems, and put in on DVD
Laptop Repair - Replace broken or shattered LCD screens - Motherboards - Free Shipping
Graphic Artists - Web site Hosting - Web site Design - PHP Forms - Domain Services